Associate Umpire Program

What is the Associate Umpire Program?  Members of the QALL community over the age of 13 are invited to volunteer as umpires at Queen Anne Little League.  Two person crews (typically consisting of a parent and a teenager) are encouraged to join.

There’s so much to learn from little league; sportsmanship, competition, service.  There’s plenty to learn from umpiring as well; responsibility, leadership, tenacity.  I believe umpiring offers fantastic perspective for volunteers young and old.

What’s in it for our volunteers?  First and foremost, umpiring at little league is about community service.  We are an all-volunteer crew and we intend to keep it as such.  Volunteers can:

·         receive community service hours while having a great time giving back to you community

·         receive great training for a fantastic summer job (we will work to place qualified umpires with paying umpire associations for summer employment)

·         learn great life skills

·         beef up that college application

For those seeking hours, there are other administrative roles available including roles available at QALL where teens can receive 1:1 training (Web Administration, Excel, and Scheduling).  These are great skills than can translate to high paying summer jobs and valuable resume experience.

Ok, what do I do if I’m interested?  Step 1 is to fill out the form at:

We will add you to our e-mail list where you’ll find out about upcoming events and training opportunities.  If you’re willing to make a commitment for at least 3 games through the year, we’ll provide you with a uniform and equipment (equipment should be returned at the end of the year)

13 yr olds umpiring little league games?  Absolutely.  Our policy is to keep at least one division between the umpires and the athletes, so a 13 year old would only be eligible to umpire minors and below. 

Our umpires are very professional, am I qualified?   The league will provide uniforms, equipment, rule books and training.  Every crew has a mentor and starts in the lower divisions. Our coaches will be informed of the nature of our associate umpire program and will be asked to treat our younger umpires with the same respect that they would treat any of our seasoned veterans. Without expanding our pool of volunteers, we’ll need to pull a parent out of the stands to call balls and strikes…your contribution makes a huge difference to our athlete’s experience.

How does training work?  There are three opportunities for training on Queen Anne and additional trainings provided by little league international: 

·         All volunteers receive a rule book. Every umpire is expected to read and understand the rules

·         Two, on field 1.5 hour training sessions will be hosted provided by QALL prior to the season

·         One 1.5 hour rules clinic will be hosted by QALL prior to the season

·         Little League international provides rules and skills clinics.  All umpires are encouraged to participate, but these are not a requirement.

·         During your team’s first few games your team will be partnered with one of our veteran umpires.  They’ll help you with your positioning and mechanics.  They’ll stick with you until you’re comfortable enough to head out on your own.

What if I forget a rule during a game?  Nobody is perfect and it’s ok if you need to pause during a game to get a call right.  Sometimes the hardest rules to remember are ones that are applied in the lower divisions (such as batting out of turn).  In the event that there’s a conflict it’s ok to pull out a smartphone or let the coaches negotiate the path forward.

How big of a time commitment is this?  You set your own schedule.  Even doing 3-5 games per season can be a HUGE help to the league.

Is there an issue if only teenagers are on the field?  Rule 9.03(d) says an adult must be “in charge” of the game, however if no adult umpire is available you can have non-adult umpires used during a game.  That means that an adult must be at the game, but not on the field. 


QALL Field Skills 1:  March 7 (10AM)
QALL Field Skills 2: March 8 (10 AM)
QALL Rules Clinic:  March 21 (10 AM)

Little League Training
3 Day Comprehensive Training (TBD – QALL will sponsor tuition)
District Rules Clinics (TBD)

Thank you for considering becoming a Little League umpire!  If you have any questions please give me a call or an e-mail. 

Greg Kriegler
QALL UIC • (206) 786-7154c •