Equify.me offers good people a chance to borrow for less.  Why do we care?  Because the current system never made freakin sense.  Right now, the people who need money the most have the hardest time getting it AND character is conspicuously absent from the lending process.  There are millions of people who are good people but they need a little bit of help to break out of the trappings of debt.  It's our hope that through Equify, people will be able to keep more of the value they create, lenders will get better borrowers, and communities will truly prosper.  Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in Equify.me. 
Greg, Eric & Jon
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Lending Club On pace for record Month

If you haven't noticed, lending club is on an absolute tear.  When I started really looking at lending club a few months ago, they were doing $40M per month in loans.  This month, they may source over $100M in loans.  That a $135%+ growth Rate...

Endorsements and prosper
If you search Prosper.com and endorsements on your favorite search engine, you'll find some interesting metrics from 2008ish that indicate that borrowers with one endorsement are 35% less likely to default, and borrowers with two endorsements are 50% less likely to default, as compared to comparable borrowers...
Why did Google do that?

So I search on Google, and as soon as I try to click my top result, a few latent advertisements show up on my screen.  I occasionally click on one o of these advertisements by accidents - which really sucks.  That latency cost some poor advertiser their marketing dollars.  Part of me thinks that this is intentional..and as it happens, I think that sucks.  Why cost customers their time and their advertisers their dollars....