Ready to see how much your can save? Ask your community to Equify you.

You are a good person. Maybe you just need a little help to get yourself on a path to a healthy financial future. By collecting endorsements from people in your community you are able to borrow for less.


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Invest in your social Equify in members of your community.

By endorsing members of your community, you are helping people access the money they need at a rate they can afford. You're not a cosigner, you're simply saying, "I know you, I trust you, and I will help you prosper."


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Before FICO scores and credit tranches...

Lenders used to use character to evaluate a borrower's credit worthiness. Somewhere along the line, we started to trust the numbers more than we trust the people. We think that is a shame. Equify is working to bring character back to borrowing and lending.


How it Works

Community Spotlight: The City Church

The City Church in Seattle is getting Equified! Members of the The City Church have borrowed $1.7 Million dollars with a repayment rate of 98%. The typical borrower has 4 endorsements and saves $491 over the lifetime of their loan. Are you a member of The City Church? Click here to see if you know our Power Endorsers...they have more than 10 endorsers with a perfect repayment rate and their endorsement typically results in over $250 in savings....

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Brett Hinson My credit card debt went from 30% to 13% with Thank you to all my endorsers!
How does it work?

When you collect endorsements on Equify you are able to borrow at lower rates. Our lending network cares if you are a good person.

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